cost control and cost reduction

5 STRATEGIES FOR HEALTHCARE COST REDUCTION AND . Healthcare services costs are constantly expanding and bosses have just a couple of alternatives to get their expenses under control. It is very important for companies to understand the impact of these interventions and create their own strategy for healthcare cost reduction. Difference Between Cost Control and Cost Reduction Difference between Cost Control and Cost Reduction. Cost control and cost reduction are twin objectives of management but their concepts, procedures and approaches are widely different. The main points of differences between the two are the following : (1) Cost control aims at achieving the predetermined cost, whereas cost reduction aims at reduction of costs. Cost Control & Revenue Opportunities - ifra the emission reduction; an emission reduction equal to one metric ton of CO2 gives one CER. The CERs are tradable, and they can be used to supplement national GHG emission reductions. Registration Process • Project Design Document (PDD) that describes the project, calculate CERs, and defines a plan for monitoring the project. Cost Control & Cost Reduction | Cost Accounting | Cost Cost Control Cost Reduction routinely applied on a continuous basis applied when an opportunity is identified offering a competitive advantage for a longer time DIFFERENCE Cost Control & Cost Reduction 3. Use of Accounting Techniques Cost Control Cost Reduction relies on accounting techniques not using of accounting techniques ...    Read More