gravel specifit metric cube

Convert metric tonnes of water to cubic meters of water ... 1 metric tonne of water (t wt.) = 1.00 cubic meters of water (m 3 - cu m) Filed under: Main menu • water volume vs. weight menu • Metric tonnes of water conversion Specific metric tonne of water to cubic meter of water Conversion Results Landscape & Garden Calculators - Apps on Google Play Jan 15, 2014· Over 15 types of rock, sand, dirt, mulch and gravel. =Aggregate Round Calc tons, y3, m3 and ft3 from diameter, thickness, wastage %, density and # of areas. =Asphalt Calc tons needed from dimensions and base weight. how many cubic metres in a tonn? | Yahoo Answers Jul 27, 2008· Hard rock varies between 2.2 and 3 tonnes per cubic metre (the specific gravity of quartz is 2.65), so it would be u nlikely for a gravel deposit to weigh more than 2 tonnes per cubic metre, and this would be for a mixture of gravel, sand and silt.    Read More