local stone in ghana

History of Ghana - Village Volunteers History of Ghana Early History ... The oldest date for pottery at the Stone Age site near Accra is 4000 BC. Empire of Ancient Ghana The empire of ancient Ghana is not geographically, ethnically, or in any other way ... local conflicts, and diplomatic Trees Form Ghana In Ghana we can distinguish two types of semi-deciduous forest: dry and moist. Approximately 9% of the total forest area in Ghana consists of dry semi-deciduous forest. This forest type forms a buffer zone between the savannah area in the north of Ghana and the moist semi-deciduous forests in the south. Ghana Museums & Monuments Board St. George's Castle (Elmina Castle) Museum (1997) ... murals; local textiles, stools, stone implements, ceramics, bottles, clay, glass and beads. The museum provides tours of St. George's Castle. Visitors may absorb the sights of the former storehouses and slave dungeons, chapels and governor's chamber. Another scene of interest is the ...    Read More