portable copper ore processing machines in the usa

Copper, Explained – Global X Funds Copper, Explained. For more than 10,000 years copper has been a significant contributor to the world's social and technological advancements. Its special properties make the metal useful for a wide range of applications including construction, industrial machinery, transportation, electric generation, and . How China Profits From Our Junk - The Atlantic To make up the loss of imported scrap metal, there'd need to be a lot of holes in the ground: even the best copper ore deposits require one hundred tons of ore to obtain one ton of the red metal. UMA Brochure - Utah Mining Association The abundant low-grade copper ore was largely ignored in those early days, and it wasn't until the turn of the century when Daniel C. Jackling, a young metallurgical engineer, developed a mass production method of profitably mining and processing the ore that commercial copper mining began.    Read More